Special productions

Design, prototype, industrialization
From idea to project, from prototype to mass production
In addition to standard production, Tekno offers all necessary activities for product design, development and industrialization.

...to optimize the final product cost or to maximize performance
We can design to optimize the final product cost or to maximize performance, functionality and technological contents. We are able to estimate production costs in the early project stages and to adjust the design if cost reductions are necessary, without affecting quality, reliability and performance.

...to make the development of the project
Prototypes are an important step in the development process. One or more samples are assembled and tested at the end of the design process, in order to adjust the project and above all for its final approval. Prototypes are also necessary to evaluate the feasibility of a product and to introduce all due optimizations to the product itself and to the production process.

...so cheap to produce on a large scale
Industrialization is defined as "the group of activities and responsibilities carried out in an appropriate manner such to ensure the efficient repeatability in series of a product." The purpose of industrialization is to make a project feasable in an efficient and effective way , that is makable in a convenient manner according to requirements and production constraints , such as materials cost, quantity and quality production capacity and internal as well as external available technologies.